Mylyn Docs and how it can be a powerful tool


This talk will be about documentation. Not the tedious bit (writing), but how to use the Eclipse based tools for it (exciting). I will show the editors within Eclipse and how to continously build common publication formats, such as Eclipse Help, EPUB and PDF from one single source and that’s even including the table of contents. This can be done as part of your build script, with the aid of a Maven plug-in or Ant. I will also show how you can properly include LaTeX formuals into your EPUBs with no cheating. Did you know you can use Mylyn Docs to convert HTML into any of the supported markup formats, such as Textile and Confluence? I’ll show you how.

Some of these tools have a powerful API. For the sake of demonstration I will show how you can take the programming book you just bought, the one with the awful formatting, and improve it using the Mylyn Docs EPUB API with just a few lines of Java code and some CSS.


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Thursday, March 10, 2016 - 12:00 to 12:35


This talk was well received at EclipseCon Europe, but some adjustments will be made, and I'll focus even a bit more on demonstrating features in Mylyn Docs and it's API. I've also bumped the experience level to "Intermediate".

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