Model Migration with Edapt


EMF is very successful in the Eclipse Ecosystem and is found in many applications - even in the Eclipse Platform starting with 4.x. With EMF, models can be defined very quickly and instances of the created models can be created and stored by the users (e.g., in XML files). The problem that will inevitably arise over time is that these models will at some point need to be changed. And this is where things get ugly. What about the model instances your users already have? Do they still conform to your new model? How can you migrate them to the new model? How can you automate creating these migrators?
Edapt is tackling this problem by recording the changes on the model and generating migrators for model instances. In practice whenever you change your Ecore a history file is created and with Edapt tooling, you can generate a migrator plugin. This migrator plugin can be used at runtime to migrate your model instances from the old model version to the new model version.
In this presentation, we will describe the basic features of Edapt and demonstrate how it can be used for migrating your models.


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Wednesday, March 9, 2016 - 17:00 to 17:35