From MEMS to Stems, a case study in IoTomatoes


A look at a co-creation effort spurred by Analog Devices Inc. and the MEMS and Sensors Industry Group. In addressing the 4 pillars of earth, MIG hosted an event where one of the speakers "challenged" the MEMS component suppliers, "Why isn't the industry more focused on providing global solutions to help with clean energy, hunger, health, or clean water?". Analog Devices stepped up a as technology integrator and has partnered with several other stalwarts in the industry to create a low cost, easily deployable "Sensor to Cloud" strategy for precision agriculture. The project entails working with local farmers, chefs and supermarkets to better define the problem and identify areas where MEMS and technology could benefit the growing process. This session will describe the MEMS and Sensors Industry Groups role followed by an overview/update of the reference platform, gateway and cloud service developed to support the IoTomato project.


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Wednesday, March 9, 2016 - 15:00 to 15:35