Mars exploration guided by PolarSys


Last year, the PolarSys team brought you to Mars!! This year, let the exploration begin!

NASA has its Spirit, Opportunity, and Curiosity but we have...
The PolarSys Rover!

Its body may be Chinese, but its brain was created through the comprehensive use of PolarSys Solutions:

  • Capella and Papyrus for SysML Polarsys Solutions were used to define, model and evaluate the system that is the PolarSys Rover.
  • The Papyrus and Papyrus-RT Polarsys Solutions used Papyrus for SysML models to elaborate this system into the software required to drive the PolarSys Rover's exploration, while preserving requirements traceability which is naturally very important in a project of this size!
  • Papyrus-RT generated the code for the exploration software for the C/C++ for Embedded Linux (CDT) Polarsys Solution where it was compiled, and debugged using the CDT and Trace Compass Polarsys Solutions.

Do you wonder how well this all worked? For the first time at EclipseCon, we will have a live demo of the PolarSys Rover exploring Mars (or the EclipseCon stage if we don’t get funding for the rocket launch).

And you could be the lucky person who walks away with a rover kit (!


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Wednesday, March 9, 2016 - 11:15 to 11:50