An Introduction to Sweet: EMF based UI toolkit

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Sweet is a highly customizable, data driven UI toolkit powered by EMF and data bindings. It provides a rendering system that can be used on top of SWT and JavaFX.

In this session we’ll explain our motivation and discuss fundamental principles underlying this toolkit. We’ll go through the main Sweet modules:
* widgets
* layout system
* styling engine
* scalable vector graphics
* animation

After that we’ll introduce a declarative approach for defining user interfaces with Sweet. We’ll show how this approach, combined with live reloading, error recovery and other toolkit features, can significantly improve developers’ productivity.

Finally, we’ll show an Eclipse-based IDE for Sweet and how it can be used to build a complex real world UI in a few minutes. We’ll discuss modern techniques used for developing user interfaces and how they are implemented in Sweet IDE.

Sweet toolkit is briefly mentioned during the "Building Modern UI for Eclipse RCP" session and is fully covered in this talk.

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your abstract is not clear whether Sweet is an open-source technology, if you envision it to be part of Eclipse or if it is an "in house" framework.
Would you care to give us more information regarding its status ?

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Hi Cedric,

Thanks for you question! We're definitely going to open-source this technology and working hard to make it possible before EclipseCon. Also it would be honor for us to be part of Eclipse and I think we'll go deeper into this topic after receiving initial feedback from the Eclipse community.

Best regards,
Yuri Strot

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