How to allow smart devices to communicate using Eclipse Vorto


IoT is becoming more and more complex every day with steadily growing variety of devices and their accessibility via different protocols. This complexity influences the development in terms of time-to-market and skills you need to bring along significantly. One of the main targets of Eclipse Vorto is to provide means for harmonizing and simplifying the process of integrating devices into IoT platforms or more generic into IoT solutions.

For example the Bosch Corporate Research division has created an Eclipse Vorto representation of a sample vehicle-to-cloud interface. They have also implemented a code generator that makes it possible to create a CoAP-based integration between a Connectivity Control Unit (CCU) and a third-party device. Of course this is a very specific solution but we have reused the generic parts of it and have created a Vorto based tutorial:

In this tutorial we would like to show how to implement a CoAP related code generator step by step and how to realize a communication between two Raspberry Pis using the generated artifacts. We’ll also describe how Vorto enables interoperability in related architectures.

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Monday, March 7, 2016 - 13:00 to 16:00