Fear and loathing in software development - Codenvy's journey from agile to continuous development (sponsored by Codenvy)


Developers begin work in a feature branch they create, typically on a localhost workspace. The feature code is developed and eventually merged back into the main repository kicking off processes that update test environments. At some point later stakeholders generate feedback. Feature changes are scheduled (later) and then taken in another local branch. And again feedback is after the merge and test environments are updated. This process repeats until stakeholders give their approval.

This approach fails because it creates feedback that is late and out-of-context, which breaks the agile ethos:
1. Localhost workspaces are islands, restricted to a single person.
2. Feedback cannot begin until after a merge.
3. When feedback arrives developers have already moved onto a new task.
4. Collaboration requires awkward screensharing or over-the-shoulder development.

Codenvy’s on-demand workspaces allow collaboration during development, before code is merged. With Codenvy, developers work on a feature branch in a centrally hosted and shareable workspace. Developers can open the workspace to others for in-context feedback during development, or generate a review workspace for the same branch. Collaborative, team-based workspaces allow for faster, in-context feedback iterations that supercharge agile resulting in better features, completed sooner.

This works because it allows anyone to securely instantiate an isolated (but shareable) workspace with the click of a link making developer onboarding instantaneous:
1. Encourages sharing amongst the team.
2. Eliminates the “but it works on my machine” frustrations of localhost.
3. Brings everyone closer to the development/production parity that allows a developer to code against a true replica of the production environment.

In this talk we will cover:
- How Codenvy moved from agile to continuous development.
- How continuous development helped our business.
- How our customers are transitioning.
- How Codenvy can help you.


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Tuesday, March 8, 2016 - 14:15 to 14:50