Evel Knievel versus Incremental Always Advancing


Often there are two ways to get from point A to point B:  step by step or all at once.  I grew up admiring Evel Knievel the legendary motorcycle stuntman.  He soared from start to finish in a “single bound”… sometimes.  He attempted jumps over snakes, cars, buses, fountains and canyons.  He suffered 433 bone fractures earning a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records.

We all love a daredevil, and we recognize when there is a high probability the big jump will end in a spectacular crashing failure!  We may blush to think we hope to see the crash.  In engineering development the more responsible approach involves smaller steps.  Our projects cannot afford crashing and burning, however “thrilling” that may be!

Learn how Eclipse-based Executable and Translatable UML (xtUML) and its OSS tooling can get you always advancing, incrementally and never broken.  See how to preserve and protect your intellectual property (models, code and documentation).  Hear about experiences in industry where such steps have succeeded... with very few broken bones!


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Wednesday, March 9, 2016 - 17:00 to 17:35


Cortland, the Program Committee recognizes the importance of what is being presented and we would like to make sure that despite our inability to accept multiple talks on this topic, xtUML receives enough attention so we have a couple suggestions:
- consider changing the title to refer to xtUML
- reword the abstract to get to the point earlier
- give more benefit of the approach

Thanks in advance

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