Eclipse Tooling for Julia


Julia is a young but very promising language for technical computing that is rapidly gaining popularity in the scientific world. The language addresses key requirements for high-performance numerical computing and combines strengths of similar languages (a.o. MATLAB, Python, Mathematica and R) without sacrificing sound design. The tooling for the language, however, is currently a major blocking factor for further growth and industry adoption.

In this talk we will present a high-level overview of the Julia language and its lineage. Next, we will show how to turn the Eclipse workbench into an cutting-edge environment for scientific programming and Julia hacking. We will draw on 10 years experience in building R plugins for Eclipse and demonstrate how lessons learned in designing tooling for R translate to Julia. Finally, we will discuss our perspective on how to create an Eclipse-based IDE for Data Science, i.e. a unified experience for working with the three major data science languages (R, Python and Julia).


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Tuesday, March 8, 2016 - 16:15 to 16:50