Eclipse Orion: Fast, Functional and at Your Fingertips


A common problem for developers is being able to work effectively with and understand large code bases. This problem can affect everyone on a team, whether you’re new or experienced. It’s hard to know every line, and everyone needs to find their way around the code base. In particular, refactoring JavaScript code can be intimidating, so many developers avoid it.

Eclipse Orion is "your IDE in the cloud". Come and see tips, tricks and new features that make JavaScript development more productive and fun, including quick fixes, content assist and refactoring support.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016 - 16:15 to 16:50


Could you elaborate a bit more
* what's specifically new in Orion
* what you're going to show
* why people should care/attend

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Hi Jay,

I have already updated it once. I don't really want to enumerate all of the various new features in Orion because some do not yet exist. I will be showing refactoring and this should be captured in the description. People should attend/care to find out what Orion can do, what is new in the latest Orion (and because refactoring is hard in JavaScript and that will for sure be one of the new features).

I can update a bit more if want insist based on what I just said above (ie. to indicate that it is an "overview" and "what's new" thing as well as focus on cool features.


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