Eclipse on Broadway - the easiest way to run Eclipse on the browser


Broadway is, along with X and Wayland, a drawing backend provided by GTK UI toolkit. The special thing about Broadway is that it draws on the browser using HTML5 and websockets. This means that you can run your Eclipse/RCP/SWT application and have it rendered not as desktop application but in the browser with Broadway thus allowing fully transparent networking.

It is important to notice that, since this functionality is provided below the SWT level, no change is required to your application code. Set a couple of environment variables to tell GTK to use Broadway, ensure that broadway deamon is running and you are ready to go. The application should be run on Linux (SWT limitation), but once running you can of course access it from any OS which has a supported browser (works also with some Android phone browsers).

The talk will make a brief introduction to the origin of the work, how it came to be and how it profits all software running the latest versions of GTK. After that we'll see a couple of SWT examples and how they run on the browser. Next we'll run a full blown Eclipse IDE on Broadway and do some basic interaction with it.

Lastly we will summarize the challenges faced, the amount and nature of work that it takes to stabilize into a very reliable state and discuss where can we go from there.


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Thursday, March 10, 2016 - 10:30 to 11:05