Mon, 2015-12-14 10:08

The State of Docker and Vagrant Tooling in Eclipse

Docker and Vagrant is growing in popularity since they're seen as a way to simplify testing/deployment across platforms. The Eclipse integration for these plugins can be useful separately, but there is also potential to use them in combination.

The Eclipse Docker Tooling has evolved significantly since it's Mars release, gaining more stability, and many new features such as Docker Machine support, TM Terminal integration, run configurations for containers, and a variety of UI improvements. We will be demonstrating these new features in this talk.

Mon, 2015-11-23 12:46

Docker, Vagrant and Kubernetes walks into an Eclipse'd bar

Todays software industry is booming with tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Vagrant and more to enable faster turnaround times via virtualization.

How does Eclipse the IDE deal with that ? Can it deal with it ? How should it and its users deal with it ?

Come to this talk and hear how and what Eclipse Linux Tools and JBoss Tools are doing in the area.

It will give a brief overview on the Docker and Vagrant tooling in Linux Tools and then how that is used and combined in Kubernetes and OpenShift Tools.

Mon, 2015-11-23 03:58

Pair programming in the Cloud with Eclipse Che, Eclipse Flux, Orion, Eclipse IDE and Docker

During this session, we will do a live demo of a prototype showing multi editing and real time collaboration from 3 different editors from the foundation: Che, Orion and Eclipse IDE. The prototype will use a Flux micro service running inside a Che docker runner that will allow Orion, Eclipse IDE and Che editors to edit the same file in real time like in Google Docs. Come with your laptop, your phone or tablet and join our pair programming session!

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