Docker for software development


Setting up a local development environment for an application ultimately destined to be run in the cloud is an error-prone path to tread lightly. It's hard to adequately simulate these sorts of runtime environments at development-time. Fortunately there are techniques and best practices being built up to treat your virtualization environments like code and have them committed to your source repository. With the help of tools like Docker and related tools like Docker Compose, developers can get back to coding instead of wasting time setting up and reacting to changes in their runtime environment.

This tutorial will mix presentation and exercises to provide you with some of the background knowledge and an hands on experience. The following topics will be covered:

Intro to docker
- What is docker? What problems does it solve?
- Docker ecosystem
- Comparing containers and Virtual Machines
- Review of the use-cases

Docker concepts
- Images vs. containers
- Docker registry
- Volumes
- Networking (exposing container ports)

Creating your own images with Dockerfiles
- Why we should build images instead of snapshotting them
- Dockerfile concepts
- Dockerfile commands and syntax

Docker Compose
- When you should use Docker Compose
- How it relates to what we've done so far
- Docker Compose commands and syntax

Time permitting we may also discuss other fun use cases for developers

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Monday, March 7, 2016 - 09:00 to 12:00


Would you be able to share the slides please? I am interested in what docker is, concepts, and when to use docker compose. Thank you very much.

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Slides have been sent for all attendees of this tutorial.
I can send you if you want.

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