Thu, 2015-12-03 19:19

IoT Security: Lessons From a Hostile World

Security is widely seen as key to the success of IoT. Security is no longer ignored - unfortunately, it is often implemented poorly. For example, using SSL based encryption but installing the same certificate on 900,000 systems. Or hard coded maintenance and diagnostic passwords. How about using the MAC address to "securely" identify a system? Note that IT systems have long been targeted by a wide range of attacks and have developed tools, technologies, techniques, and strategies for dealing with hostile environments.

Mon, 2015-11-23 17:25

Inspiring a New Generation of Women Computer Programmers in Austere Environments (Grand Ballroom ABC)

Women in the United States are a minority when it comes to competing in the STEM fields. They are seldom seen as leading technical developers and programmers. The environment is changing: education systems, government, non-profit institutions, and marketing schemes have identified this gender gap.  In contrast, the development and support for building programming and coding skills are nearly neglected in developing countries. The key to closing this gap lies in creating leaders who are bridge builders.

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