Containers Running Amok in the Devices - Secure them!


The format of container images is at the center of industry attention because it is so important to the adoption of containers. As we see rapid adoption of Container-based Applications in devices, Container Security vulnerabilities are a major challenge posed to Stability of the devices.

With the Open Container Initiative (OCI), it seems appropriate to compare container images to network protocols. Much like network protocols, standardizing the bit level format of a container image, allows the industry to focus on higher level business problems, and more importantly, their respective solutions.

Enter DCI – Deep Container Inspection, an initiative from Red Hat.

With Deep Container Inspection (DCI), a new level of analysis will be possible. The trust model will be much more sophisticated. Even though you may trust the upstream providers of your container images, with DCI, you will be able to verify the trust of container images even after local administrators or developers have made modifications.

Please join me learning more about securing the container-based images on IoT Devices.

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