A cloud scale IoT Server Platform


Today, developers can choose from a wide array of technology to develop and run their particular IoT solution, usually based on a given set of devices specific to the particular application domain at hand. I want to tell you why I consider the usual approach taken "sophisticated tinkering" and why we need to (and can) do a better job at providing an open source alternative to the commercial offerings from the big cloud players in order to not give away the most important control point in an IoT solution.

The technology developed under the umbrella of the Eclipse IoT top-level project is great for building IoT solutions. At least that's what we hear at conferences, it's what we are experiencing at hackathons and that's why we use the technology at Bosch as well. The approach usually taken involves custom implementation of the full stack from scratch, including device connectivity & management, sensor data processing and business logic. This approach works well for individual applications, usually having limited requirements regarding number of connected devices and scalability.

In this talk I will introduce you to a generic, cloud based IoT architecture blueprint created in the Eclipse IoT Working Group and the community's ongoing work to evolve the excellent technology created in the Eclipse IoT projects into the IoT Server Platform: a set of ready-to-run, re-usable service components supporting the implementation of micro-service based, cloud-scale IoT solutions on top of popular technologies like Cloud Foundry and Docker.

Last but not least I would also like to do a demo of the showcase application we have created as proof-of-concept for the IoT Server Platform, provide an outlook on next steps and show you how you can help to make the IoT Server Platform a reality.


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Wednesday, March 9, 2016 - 10:30 to 11:05