Building data-centric UIs with EMF


The Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) provides extensive support for the implementation of data-centric UIs, whether the purpose is for tools or for general purpose applications. This support includes generated classes, such as label and content providers to implement trees or tables, support for databinding, and additional UI frameworks for various purposes.
This tutorial starts from a given example data model. We will introduce how to create a UI allowing you to create, modify, and delete instances of this data model.
In the first part, we will cover the implementation of a tree viewer, including Drag-and-Drop behavior and context menus. In the second part, we will introduce EMF databinding support as well as demonstrate how to bind data entities to UI controls. In the third part, we will move on to the implementation of a more complex form-based UI including controls for different data types, input validation, and layouting. All parts consist of a technical introduction in addition to hands-on exercises.
A basic understanding of EMF, SWT and JFace is beneficial for this tutorial. However, the tutorial will be based on a given data model and provides UI templates, so no deeper knowledge of the aforementioned technologies is required.

Schedule info
Session Time Slot(s):
Monday, March 7, 2016 - 09:00 to 12:00