50 Shades of an IDE


What is an IDE anyway? Everyone knows what an IDE does. Some people swear by them and others consider them to be a crutch. This talk looks at the history of the IDE, describes the features of an idealized IDE. What makes a good IDE? Come and find out.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016 - 10:30 to 11:05


Hey! Can you provide some more details about attendees will see? The abstract and title sounds very promising, but the lack of content details makes it a bit hard to judge. Some more details would be highly appreciated!!!

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Hi Martin,

The idea is to look at the history of IDE's (quickly), enumerate what goes into an IDE and what an IDE does for you. If you google around for what an IDE does, everyone kind of knows, but no one has really said "it includes this, this and this". There is also the idea that an IDE is on the editor spectrum. All IDE's are at the very least code editors, but what else are they?


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Hey Steve, I am very much looking forward to this talk. And I would still like to read a bit more about the content in the abstract... ;-) Do you have a few opinions to share what an idealistic IDE should be? Or a variety of what people think a good IDE is? Or what they are/could be/should be beyond code editors? I would really love to hear more about this.

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Hello! This was a really great talk. Are the slides available somewhere? Thanks!

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