Thu, 2016-02-11 16:30

Templating Your Development Tool Stack (sponsored by IBM)

The set of tools that make up your development environment is expanding as is the time taken to usefully tie these tools together. You're no longer just configuring your workspace but also your build pipeline, issue tracking, and monitoring of your application run-times. In the same way that technologies like Vagrant and Docker have made it easy to setup pre-canned run-time environments we're beginning to be able to do the same thing with toolchain templates to integrate all the various tools involved in your project into a single cohesive unit.

Wed, 2016-02-10 14:01

The Internet of Unexpected Things (sponsored by Microsoft)

Connecting to the cloud many different devices of various form factors, powered by eclectic platforms running apps developed in random languages to build an advanced end-to-end IoT solution seems (and often is) as complicated as this sentence is long… Let’s take a look at how it’s done with Azure IoT services, device SDKs and tools in a demo-heavy session for developers.

Fri, 2016-02-05 15:07

Fear and loathing in software development - Codenvy's journey from agile to continuous development (sponsored by Codenvy)

Developers begin work in a feature branch they create, typically on a localhost workspace. The feature code is developed and eventually merged back into the main repository kicking off processes that update test environments. At some point later stakeholders generate feedback. Feature changes are scheduled (later) and then taken in another local branch. And again feedback is after the merge and test environments are updated. This process repeats until stakeholders give their approval.

Tue, 2016-01-26 13:27

DecisionSpace® Geoscience Software: An Eclipse-Based Visualization Application (sponsored by Halliburton)

Halliburton/Landmark DecisionSpace® Geosciences is an Eclipse-based solution used by major oil and gas exploration companies worldwide. It enables geoscientists to perform complex workflows in which they interactively visualize, analyze, and interpret large amounts of data using integrated 2D and 3D graphical editors.

This presentation will describe the visualization architecture of DecisionSpace® Geosciences and include a demo of the product.

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