Java 9

Wed, 2015-12-02 18:57

Java 9's other puzzle pieces

Java 9 will offer many improvements to improve Java applications and the entire developer experience. One example, jshell, provides a fast way for developers to test code without writing entire classes. Other improvements are automatic, such as decreased memory consumption from Compact Strings. Learn which improvements are automatic, which require an update, and how to take advantage of new multi-release JAR files and maintain full backwards compatibility as you upgrade.

Wed, 2015-12-02 18:56

Preparing your code for JDK 9

As Java has learned new tricks like Lambdas and functional programming, it still retains binary compatibility with over a decade worth of libraries. Learn some important things to consider in your upgrade to Java 9: where to find early access releases and how to analyze library dependencies for unintentional reliance internal APIs.

Wed, 2015-12-02 17:11

You, me and Jigsaw

The new module system in Java9 is most likely the biggest change in Javas history.

How will this impact you?
How will it impact Eclipse 4 applications?
How does it impact the Eclipse 4 application framework?

This talk is my personal view on the new Java9 module system. I'll introduce the main concepts so that you should get a basic understanding of java9 modules and how it differs to OSGi.

Fri, 2015-11-13 11:37

Java 9 support in Eclipse

Java 9 is scheduled to be released in September 2016 with several exciting new features. The most important feature considered is project Jigsaw, which includes, but not limited to, a modularized JDK, modular Run-Time Images and Java Platform Module System.

Naturally, developers are looking forward to their favorite IDE supporting these new features. In this talk, we will look at
what kind of support JDT provides for people who would like to use Java 9 or JDK 9 in their projects.
Our goal, at a very high level, is to support:

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