Fri, 2015-06-12 22:34

Eclipse: The Evolution and Future of IDEs
Tyler Jewell, Codenvy

Tyler is the founder and CEO of Codenvy, and a partner with Toba Capital. He is an Eclipse Foundation board member and investor in leading developer companies including WSO2, Sauce Labs, eXo Platform, ZeroTurnaround, InfoQ, Cloudant, and SourceGraph. He is the author of three (very old!) books on Java and was BEA's first chief evangelist in the 90s.


An Intelligence Agency in Transition: Succeeding in the Open
Chris Rasmussen, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)

Chris Rasmussen is the architect behind the Unclassified Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) Pathfinder initiative, which aims to transform GEOINT into a discipline rooted in open source intelligence. He drove the initiative that made NGA the first US intelligence agency to open-source software on GitHub and place apps into iTunes and Google Play.

Chris was instrumental in the push for the intelligence community to use social tools for knowledge management and information sharing. Currently,he evangelizes for a move toward a “living intelligence” model where a range of information is mixed together in a transparent common space and the intelligence topic is constantly updated and recognized as official.

Inspiring a New Generation of Women Computer Programmers in Austere Environments
Samantha Chiu and Afia Owusu-Forfie, Women Who Code

Samantha Chiu specializes in the data collection of hard-to-reach populations in conflict and crisis zones. She is passionate about bridging the gender gap between men and women in the realm of data science and analytics. Her most recent gender-related projects include D3 System’s Women in Muslim Countries Project and the Gender Research Initiative.


Samantha has conducted extensive research around the world on women’s attitudes and gender gaps. She has also trained marginalized women on the scientific method, data entry and processing, and programming using statistical software. As a volunteer for Women Who Code and Statistics Without Borders, she conducts baseline evaluations and manages business development to expand computer programming opportunities for women in Accra, Ghana.


Afia Owusu-Forfie is a risk analytics consultant. She has experience in SAS programming gained from her previous roles at Mathematica Policy Research and Progressive Insurance Company. She specializes in overlapping areas of statistics, operations research, and statistical programming, and has a strong interest in health care solutions.


Afia loves teaching, and her educational experience has led her to spend her free time organizing meetups for Ghanaian women that will help inspire them to step up to leadership roles. She conducted initial in-depth interviews of women in technology in Ghana; based on their stories, she galvanized a pool of programming resources through the Statisticians Without Borders Network. Afia has recruited more than 24 leadership roles for the Accra Network of Women Who Code.