Eclipse, the IDE for IoT


The Internet of Things is an exciting new area that brings together existing technologies to solve new problems. Connecting devices to the internet as a single system offers a wealth of new knowledge and the ability to have a system that thinks for itself and change behaviour based on that knowledge.

All of these technologies have incumbent software development environments that engineers have been using for years. All of those environments can be hosted and driven from the Eclipse IDE. The brilliance of the original architects to build Eclipse as an IDE for everything and nothing in particular provides a showcase for Eclipse as the IDE for IoT.

This talk will show how the Eclipse IDE can be used to build an IoT application that includes an ESP8266 wifi microcontroller running Arduino to report the value of a sensor and to change the colour of some LEDs. The ESP is wirelessly connected to an edge unit running on a BeagleBone with a Qt C++ application showing controls and status on a touch screen. The edge unit reports the values and receives commands from the AWS IoT platform where rules engine stores the results in a database. An analytics engine then runs against that database and sends commands to the devices based on those results. A web application shows all the action in both a Web browser and an Android app.

All of these components are developed from a single Eclipse workspace and highlights Eclipse's C++ support for Arduino and Qt programming as well as Java support for the AWS IoT rules, analytics engine and web app server and finally Eclipse's web tools support for the web front end and Android programming environment through the Andmore project for the Android app. No other environment brings this all together to empower the IoT developer to build such great things.


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Thursday, March 10, 2016 - 13:45 to 14:20


I consider this a larger talk than IoT. The focus is really on the power of the Eclipse IDE. IoT just happens to be a good example.

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