Introducing Community Voting

Fri, 2015-10-30 05:43

The Program Committee is very proud to introduce community voting for EclipseCon North America 2016!

This means that you now have a say in the upcoming program. There are two ways the community votes influence the program. First, the community votes will help the program committee when selecting the best sessions for the program. Second, the top-rated sessions will be automatically accepted into the program on the following basis:

  • 1 out of the 5 early-bird sessions
  • 3 additional sessions for the program

In order to vote for proposed sessions, just go to the proposed sessions list or to a given proposal (see screenshots below) and rate the talks on a 1 to 5 star scale. We encourage you to vote for as many sessions as you can. We don’t take blank votes into account. Here is the meaning behind our star rating system:

  • 1 star: The talk is off topic and does not aim at the proper conference or is a sales pitch. You would not want it to be part of the EclipseCon program.
  • 2 stars: The abstract is quite cryptic and you don’t really understand what it will be about.
  • 3 stars: Somewhat interesting. You won’t attend this session, but you think it would be a good choice for EclipseCon.
  • 4 stars: Interesting talk. You would attend this talk at EclipseCon if it fits your schedule.
  • 5 stars: You love it. You won’t miss this one for anything and you really want it to be a part of EclipseCon.

Anytime before the end of the call for papers, you can change your vote or clear it with the little grey cross to the left of the stars.

The votes are anonymous — neither the program committee or community will know your votes — but you will need to be logged into the EclipseCon website to vote. This is only required to prevent people from voting twice (or more) for a particular session! If you don’t have an account, you can create one now.

We also encourage you to post comments on the session page. Comments let you describe why you think a talk is a good or bad fit for EclipseCon. Note that your comments are public.

Finally, you should know that we won’t publish the community voting results. The program committee works hard to provide a balanced program considering levels of expertise and the different tracks, and reserves the right to choose sessions that may conflict with the community voting (except for the automatically accepted sessions described above). In all cases, the submitters of declined sessions will receive feedback explaining why their talk was not accepted.

Voting is already open and will remain open until the end of the call for papers (December 3, 2015, 11:59 PM ET). It means that the earlier you submit a talk, the more votes you can expect to receive. Speakers, don’t wait; submit now!

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on this new feature and hope that you are pleased to have your opinions considered for the upcoming program.

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