Call for Papers is open!

Wed, 2015-10-21 16:31

The call for papers for EclipseCon North America is now open. It is the first step toward what ought to be another great EclipseCon. As you may know, I am leading the program committee this year as program chair. We worked hard to make the best call for papers we possibly could. We designed the tracks carefully so that anyone near or far from the core Eclipse community will feel welcome to submit a speaking proposal about all the inspiring, innovative and interesting stuff they are doing in or with Eclipse. By the way, you can see us on the PC page and contact us anytime via email.

This year, we will have seven tracks and three theme days, including these new ones:

Java 9

Java 9 is planned to be released in September 2016. It will introduce some of the biggest changes the JVM has seen in a long time. These changes will include the introduction of the long-awaited module system. You are invited to submit talks about new features, experience reports with early access releases, or progress reports about support for existing tooling. It is a unique chance for you to demonstrate how you are preparing for this release.


The IDE day is a brand new idea for a theme day. The goal here is to stimulate discussion and cross-pollination between the current and next generation of IDEs beyond a single language or development platform of choice. Is Eclipse not working for you? Come and talk about it. Is your IDE better than Eclipse? Show us. Are you building a cloud-based IDE? We want to hear from you, too. In short, whatever you use — Netbeans, IntelliJ, Visual Studio, Orion, Flux, Che — we are interested in learning from you.

The submission deadline is November 23, 2015 December 3, 2015, at 11:59 PM PST. Be among the early-birds and submit your talk by November 16. The five best early proposals submitted by November 16 will be accepted right away. There’s no time for procrastination! Go ahead and submit yours now.

Stay tuned for more information about Community Voting, a new feature we have added to the EclipseCon website.