Fri, 2014-12-19 13:45

KEYNOTE: Java 9 and Beyond (Grand Peninsula DEFG)

Java 9 will introduce a standard module system to the platform in order to modularize the platform itself, improve performance and security, and simplify the development and maintenance of large applications. Mark will explain the impact and benefits of Java 9, and then offer a highly-speculative sneak preview of "life after Java 9," the advanced features currently in development for the Java virtual machine and language.

Mon, 2014-11-17 10:57

JVM Optimization 101

Immutable data structures, defensive copies and functional programming - good coding style often raises one question: Will it be fast enough? To answer that, a few follow-up-questions have to be considered: How does the Java Virtual Machine cope with object allocations, anonymous functions and stream operations? How big is the overhead introduced by those constructs? And which means are available on the JVM that allow me to write readable, yet fast code?

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