The Eclipse 4 spies and the history of the bundle spy

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At the Eclipse Con Europe 2014, I gave a talk on the role of the various spies in Eclipse 4 and how to easily create new ones. I specially presented a very simple prototype of the bundle spy which allows to view the list of OSGi bundles used by the application.

My presentation aims to tell the history of this new spy and how it has been migrated from GitHub to the E4 tools project.

It begins with a brief review of the concept of E4 spy and recalls the various spies that exist.

Then, this talk covers the evolution of the bundle spy from its first prototype to its full integration into the E4 tools. The process of contribution to Eclipse is thus described from this real case, while the different steps to be followed are discussed in a concrete way.

In the end, this talk shows the ease of creating new E4 spies and contribution to E4 tools . Based on this real case, it materializes what the contribution process consists of.

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