Recorded Talks

Tue, 2015-07-28 16:41

We'd like to thank InfoQ for recording talks and interviews at EclipseCon 2015.


Java 9 and Beyond
Eclipse & Gradle–The Best of Both Worlds
JVM Optimization 101

Java EE 7 Using Eclipse
MQTT-SN: MQTT for UDP, ZigBee and Other Transports
Building Business UIs with EMF Forms

The Vorto Project - Advanced Device Integration
Oh Hai HiDPI! Blasting Through the 96 dpi Barrier with Eclipse
Sirius + Xtext = ♥

10 Platforms in 30 Minutes–Powered by Eclipse
Lambda Mechanics
Innovating in IoT Using Eclipse - Experience and Recommendations

Codan - a Code Analysis Framework for CDT
Extending Jobs to Speed up Eclipse
An Introduction to Eclipse Che

Diagrams, Xtext and UX
Git It Done - Git, Gerrit and GitHub at Orion
Building and Sharing Your P2 Fortress with Tycho and Nexus

Arduino Designer: the Making of!
Mastering the Diversity in Smart Homes - A Practical Approach
Oomph: Eclipse the Way You Want It

Making Eclipse IDE Better at Handling Real-life Projects
Git Mission to Mars
The Five Elements of IoT Security, Open Source to the Rescue!

Building IoT APIs - Dos and Don’ts
Device Management for OSGi IoT Gateways
End-to-end IoT Solutions with Java and Eclipse IoT Technology

Extending Eclipse Flux
What can e(fx)clipse do for you to Develop JavaFX Applications and IDE Plugins?
Why UI Testing is Sooo Hard

Unleashing the Java 8 Tooling in Eclipse
The Making of XRobots
J2V8 a Highly Efficient JS Runtime for Java

Jekyll and Hyde with Jubula
Tasty Recipes for OSGi Bundles
Model Migration with Edapt


Interview with Martin Lippert about the EclipseCon conference
Interview with Jay Jay Billings on the Eclipse Science Working Group
Interview with Martin Lippert on the Eclipse Flux Project

Interview with Eike Stepper on the Eclipse Oomph Project
Interview with John Arthorne on the Orion Project
Matthias Sohn on the State of the Eclipse Git Tooling

Interview with Doug Schaefer on the State of the CDT
Interview with Eric Cloninger on the Eclipse Andmore Project
Interview with Tom Schindl on the State of Java FX Within Eclipse

Interview with Benjamin Cabé on the Internet of Things at Eclipse
Interview with Lars Vogel on the Eclipse Platform