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Monday, March 9, 2015

Harbour ABBayside ABSandpebble ABRegency AOak
18:00 - 19:00 Working with GeoServer (presented by Boundless) GeoServer, a core component of OpenGeo Suite, is an open source server for sharing and publishing geospatial data from using open standards. Meet other GeoServer users and developers, including several from Boundless, and learn more about this powerful tool. Working with GeoServer (presented by Boundless)
Docker in Eclipse (presented by Red Hat) Come join Jeff Johnston and Max Andersen from Red Hat talk about the Docker tooling in Eclipse Mars. Learn about the current plans, and weigh in with your opinion on how and where Docker should be in Eclipse. Docker in Eclipse (presented by Red Hat)
Hello, World: getting up & running with Python Interested in this whole Python thing, but not totally sure how to actually start? Never wrote a bit of code in your life but ready to take the plunge? Want a little help wading through Python installation & setup for the first time? This BoF's for you! Here's what this BoF is going to do:  help you install Python on your laptop  ... Hello, World: getting up & running with Python
Science, LocationTech, IoT collaboration This BoF is for participants of each working group, and other interested parties to meet & greet and look for interesting collaboration opportunities. All are welcome. Science, LocationTech, IoT collaboration
Documenting FTW Have you ever tried to follow coding documentation or a tutorial and found yourself completely lost? Or maybe, on the flip side, you’ve come across documentation that’s absolutely perfect! What kinds of documentation work and don’t? Are there some kinds of documentation that are better for different skill levels or learning types? What are best practices for developers and teachers creating this documentation? If you have ideas for how to make the world of documentation better, we want to talk with you. Let’s publish our ideas online so that everyone can... Documenting FTW