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namesort descending Organization Job title Interests
Jun Aishima [Diamond Light Source]'s picture Jun Aishima Diamond Light Source Software Engineer
Max Rydahl Andersen [Red Hat]'s picture Max Rydahl Andersen Red Hat Manager and Consulting Engineer
Jesse Andrews [Planet Labs]'s picture Jesse Andrews Planet Labs VP, Product Engineering
Jay Arthanareeswaran [IBM]'s picture Jay Arthanareeswaran IBM Programmer
John Arthorne [IBM Canada]'s picture John Arthorne IBM Canada Senior Software Developer
Marcel Austenfeld's picture Marcel Austenfeld
Mohamed Azab [Mentor Graphics]'s picture Mohamed Azab Mentor Graphics SW Development Engineer
Melanie Bats [Obeo]'s picture Melanie Bats Obeo
Robin Bobbitt's picture Robin Bobbitt Senior Software Engineer
Stephane Bonnet [Thales]'s picture Stephane Bonnet Thales Design Authority, Model Driven Engineering Products Industrial application of model-driven technologies, transfer between applied research and operational solutions, team & project management
Ian Bull [EclipseSource]'s picture Ian Bull EclipseSource Senior Software Engineer & Team Lead Eclipse, p2, provisioning
Benjamin Cabé [Eclipse Foundation]'s picture Benjamin Cabé Eclipse Foundation IoT Evangelist iot, m2m, android, arduino, raspberry pi,
David Carver's picture David Carver
Jeremy Chan's picture Jeremy Chan
Rafael Chaves [Abstratt Technologies]'s picture Rafael Chaves Abstratt Technologies model driven development, software modernization, components, separation of concerns, language design
Kristopher Clark [Actuate]'s picture Kristopher Clark Actuate BIRT Evangelist
Eric Cloninger's picture Eric Cloninger Sr. Product Manager
Ian Craggs [IBM]'s picture Ian Craggs IBM
Luca Dazi [Eurotech]'s picture Luca Dazi Eurotech Senior Software Developer
Nedelcho Delchev [SAP]'s picture Nedelcho Delchev SAP Development Architect cloud development, programming models, integration and extension patterns
Hans Dockter [Gradleware]'s picture Hans Dockter Gradleware Founder Gradle, CEO Gradleware
Max Domeika's picture Max Domeika Software Architect
Alexander Edelmann [Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte. Ltd.]'s picture Alexander Edelmann Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte. Ltd. Software Architect
Stefan Edlund [IBM Research]'s picture Stefan Edlund IBM Research
Hendrik Eeckhaut [Sigasi]'s picture Hendrik Eeckhaut Sigasi founder Eclipse, VHDL, Xtext
Sven Efftinge [itemis]'s picture Sven Efftinge itemis development manager software development, music, food, kitesurfing
Johannes Eickhold [EclipseSource]'s picture Johannes Eickhold EclipseSource Software Developer Eclipse and Mobile
Baha Elkassaby [Diamond Light Source Ltd]'s picture Baha Elkassaby Diamond Light Source Ltd Software Engineer Eclipse for science
Ted Epstein [ModelSolv, Inc.]'s picture Ted Epstein ModelSolv, Inc. CEO Model-driven development, domain-specific languages, Eclipse modeling technologies, service oriented architecture, agile development.
Daniel Exertier [Thales]'s picture Daniel Exertier Thales MDE Domain Manager, System&Software Technologies Manager
Tatiana Fesenko's picture Tatiana Fesenko
Michael Figuiere [DataStax]'s picture Michael Figuiere DataStax Drivers & Developer Tools Architect
Bogdan Gheorghe [IBM Canada]'s picture Bogdan Gheorghe IBM Canada Software Developer
Marc Gille [SunGard]'s picture Marc Gille SunGard SVP Product Management Infinity Orion, BPM, BPMN, SOA, BRM, UI Mashups, Web-based Development, Running, Biking, Surfing, Playing Acid Jazz
Arun Gupta's picture Arun Gupta
Noopur Gupta [IBM India]'s picture Noopur Gupta IBM India Eclipse JDT/UI Committer
Matthieu Helleboid [Thales]'s picture Matthieu Helleboid Thales
Jonas Helming [EclipseSource Munich]'s picture Jonas Helming EclipseSource Munich General Manager e4, EMF, EMFStore, EMF Client Platform, EMF Forms
Marc R. Hoffmann [mtrail GmbH]'s picture Marc R. Hoffmann mtrail GmbH Software Achitect, JaCoCo/EclEmma Author Eclipse, JVM, OSGi, Software Quality, Code Coverage, Software Development Processes
Akos Horvath [IncQuery Labs Ltd.]'s picture Akos Horvath IncQuery Labs Ltd. Co-Founder and Partner EMF, model validation and analysis, model processing, design space exploration, optimization
Kun Hu [IBM Research]'s picture Kun Hu IBM Research Research Scientist
Ivan Inozemtsev [Xored]'s picture Ivan Inozemtsev Xored eclipse rcptt project lead java, eclipse, fantom, git, tycho
Mickael Istria [JBoss, by Red Hat]'s picture Mickael Istria JBoss, by Red Hat Developer, builder
Denise Jacobs's picture Denise Jacobs Creativity Evangelist
Tyler Jewell [Codenvy]'s picture Tyler Jewell Codenvy CEO
Jeff Johnston's picture Jeff Johnston
Simon Kaegi [IBM Canada]'s picture Simon Kaegi IBM Canada Software Developer
Marc Khouzam [Ericsson]'s picture Marc Khouzam Ericsson CDT Project co-lead Multicore Debugging