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Eclipse, RCP, Systems Architecture, OSGi, Distributed computing, Testing, Java


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I'm the founder of Black Dog IT (and previously The RCP Company)

I'm a log term user and developer of the Eclipse platform and has among other things reported more than 100 bugs for 10 different major releases (and still counting). I have 9 years of experience with the Eclipse platform (ever since version 2.1) and more than 25 years of experience with software development and system architecture.

Now, I'm the founder of Black Dog IT (and previously The RCP Company), an independent software development company that is specialized in mentoring, training, consultancy, development, and independent products based on the Eclipse™ platform, Rich Client Platform, OSGi, and the corresponding technologies and tools.

I'm also the chairman of the Danish Eclipse Society,, a meeting place for everybody with an interest in Eclipse and the connected tools and technologies.