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All forms of pixel pushing (GUI, Visualization, CAD...), Most forms of ball pushing (Golf, Billiards...), Video game mayhem, Quantum Mechanics / Astrophysics (OK, just the easy stuff..;-)


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I've been doing UI work since well before the term came into use (my second program produced a triangle...of asterisks...on a teletype !).
Since then I've had an interesting career but all my jobs share a common theme; put useful things onto a screen, usually for folks to manipulate.
I've been involved in eclipse for many years now...starting on the Platform UI team where I was a committer for a while and then became the Eclipse 4 (e4) Dev Lead. Now I've moved over to the Orion Web IDE team where I'm to make Orion the best code editor around (not just the best web-based one).

Starting in 2008 I was part of the team designing the 'e4' architecture and producing some of the early presentation code. As time progressed I was made the Eclipse 4 Dev lead and since then have been mostly concerned with re-implementing the Eclipse IDE on top of the 'e4' architecture, eventually releasing the first production version in Juno.