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My passion is the software engineering: inventing new, more powerful and efficient ways to produce software. I love sharing my knowledge, learning from other people, and designing architectures and frameworks to make things simple, robust and scalable.


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I am an experienced project manager and Java architect in DAMA-UPC, a research group based on Barcelona focused on NoSQL techonlogies. DAMA-UPC collaborates with Sparsity-Technologies in a propietary graph database called DEX.

Previously, I have been working in a company called GTD in specification languages such as UML, OCL and SBVR. I have published some papers about natural language generation from OCL specifications using SBVR. Indeed, I contributed into the SBVR Eclipse plugin and I published an OCL-SBVR transformation using ATL. Nowadays, I have more than 50 references. (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S030643790800094X)

I am the main creator of walkmod: a product to assure coding conventions between different project contributors through code transformations. This idea started from the vision of creating and updating source code from UML / OCL models. However, we are convinced developers need to start from their confort zone: its own programming language; and from our point of view walkmod may be the missing piece between the modeling and developer community.