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Software Architect


RCP, EMF, EclipseLink, JPA, BIRT, SWT, GEF, Java, Automated Testing, Static Analysis, Usability, Continuous Integration, and IoT (Arduino and Raspberry Pi).


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Bryan Obright is a software architect working at Oracle. His past 10 years have been focused on development of Design Studio, an IDE for the Oracle Communications suite of products leveraging the Eclipse platform. Having used dozens of programming languages and development environments, Eclipse and Java are his favourites by far.

Prior to his current role, Bryan has accumulated a breadth of experience working on numerous projects within the communications space (embedded system software, element management, network management, CRM, inventory, service activation, and service management). If you have used a calling card, dialed a toll-free number, or subscribe to any one of a wide variety of communication services, such as IP telephony or internet access, you have probably indirectly run some of his code.

Bryan has been developing commercial software since he was 14. His oldest commercial application is still in use today, decades later-- and now based on the Eclipse platform.