Writing a Hudson / Jenkins plugin


Hudson and Jenkins have already plenty of plugins to extend their capabilities (notifiers, tags, post build actions, etc...)

But those tools are so versatile, you'll always want to leverage them to address a particular problem in your company environment: knowing how to extend them will come handy sooner than later !

In this talk, the attendee will learn what to expect when creating a Hudson / Jenkins plugin :

  • what are the main differences between Hudson and Eclipse
  • do you need to write a plugin ? (alternatives)
  • let's build a plugin !
  • integration testing
  • how to publish and share a plugin

The talk will be loaded with examples and demos, to add a "hands on" touch to it !

Slides available on slideshare

Example plugin on github

Remote API scripts on github

Developing a plugin for both Jenkins and Hudson blog post

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Harbour - Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 16:15 to 16:50