When I shake my phone a developer wakes up! (presented by IBM)


Mobile apps just have to work and deliver value or they quickly get deleted. Your reputation as a developer and that of your business often hinge on the experience of the user and ratings on your apps. A good experience and ratings can help your app go viral and business to boom; and your value to the company grows. However, when a user is upset, you want to know. When your app crashes, you need the data. To succeed, you need to know immediately when something fails and when the user is less than pleased so you can respond rapidly before they give up on your app and spread the word. The most successful organizations leverage automation to rapidly respond to that feedback and deliver mobile apps that are truly engaging. This presentation explores the value of cloud-based test and quality capabilities, tied to mobile app development as you look to increase your mobile presence and deliver a truly engaging mobile experience to your customers. This highly interactive session will help drive home the key point that mobile app testing can be fast, easy, and done by anyone. BYOD!

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Grand Peninsula E - Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 15:00 to 15:35