Vaaclipse - e4 meets Vaadin


Some years ago eclipse foundation introduced their amazing ideas concerning e4. The UI should not be related to SWT anymore, but different ui technologies should be available. Eclipse implemented a UI renderer for SWT.
Rushan Gillmulin started a project called Vaaclipse. It is based on the e4 runtime and adds a Vaadin UI renderer. So an RCP application based on e4 and Vaadin UI can be implemented properly.

In my talk i am going to demo how easy it is, to implement an RCP application using Vaaclipse.

You will see that the concepts are the same or very similar as those for SWT RCP applications:
1. application model (eclipse editing tools, emf,...); the types of implemented model elements (menu, toolbars, part stacks,...) - see
2. Contributions - menu contributions, toolbar contributions
3. Support for menu, toolbar, trimbar elements and contributions
4. Vaaclipse resource system; themes and theme contributions (that are very similar to swt implementation)

Looking forward to a very interesting talk...

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Grand Peninsula F - Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 13:30 to 14:05