Unshackling Mylyn from the desktop


The Eclipse Mylyn project has been a key driver of task-focused collaboration inside of the Eclipse IDE. For many years, developers have been relying on Mylyn as a desktop client to connect with task repositories, collaborate with other developers, and manage application lifecycles. With web IDEs moving into maturity, how will Mylyn adapt to the new development model?

This talk will introduce our ongoing approach to unshackling Mylyn from the desktop. We will show how we are continuing to extend the Mylyn architecture to support remote hosting and exposure as a service. This new architecture is not simply reimplementing Mylyn in the cloud. Rather, it opens possibilities to interact with your task list in novel ways such as interactive visualization of tasks, easier sharing, and integrated search over multiple repositories.

We will demonstrate how to build simple, but powerful Agile and ALM tools over a common Mylyn model exposed both over standard Eclipse plugins as well as REST-based web services.

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Grand Peninsula A - Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 13:30 to 14:05