UML & DSL thank their lucky star Sirius


Choosing a modeling technology, is too often reduced to the selection of either UML or DSL. Even so, in practice, we often need both: UML and profiles to benefit from a standard and off-the-shelf mature tools, and DSL to benefit from a custom notation over a custom data structure.

Rather than opposing these approaches, Sirius can be used to efficiently combine existing UML modelers with DSL-based tools.

Sirius is a new Eclipse project that allows to easily and quickly develop graphical designers for a specific domain. With Sirius, it is possible to provide additional editors dedicated to a DSL which is complementary to UML. But it is also possible to create specific UML models editors over standard views.

This talk will explain 3 differents strategies to combine UML and DSL:
- DSL over UML: how to add time concepts to UML by introducing new representations such as cotes and traces analysis
- DSL and UML: a safety-oriented workbench combining SysML and a business-specific DSL for safety fault trees
- UML extended by DSL: introducing a DSL for Ethernet to enrich UML

Join this session to discover how UML and DSL now play well together to improve the way to design embedded systems.

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