Tracing the innards of YOUR application


There is an infinity of different computer programs out there. Each one is unique, thus it is impossible for an analysis tool to provide specific visualizations for every single one of them. The programmer knows his application best. If an analysis tool could tap into the programmer's knowledge, it would be able to lay out a mountain of useful, relevant information. With the Eclipse Tracing and Monitoring Framework (TMF), this becomes possible.

TMF is a completely open-source framework to build trace viewers and analyzers. One of its newest features is its data-driven views and information providers. Application logs and traces typically contain a ton of information, which might not all be interesting, depending on the problem that is being solved. With data-driven views, the programmer can filter only for the information they need, and display it in many different ways (time graphs, sequence diagrams, plots, etc.), without writing a single line of Java code!

TMF supports the Common Trace Format (CTF), as well as other formats provided by plug-in extensions, or by custom parsers created using a wizard.

For this talk we will show how one can use the tool to track states and messages across programs, using only data-driven providers. We will then display those in TMF-provided views, like Gantt charts and sequence diagrams.

Anyone who feels they spend too much time staring at code trying to figure out what it does is welcome to attend.


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Grand Peninsula B - Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 14:15 to 14:50