Time to Build and Test Results 3x Faster - How We Did It


After one year of regular work on our build mechanism and Continuous Integration infrastructure, we are able to provide RCP products, along with their complete test suite, more than 3 times faster than before.

And guess what, we are using less physical resources.

The path to this result was quite long and sometimes tedious, but we finally managed it. I will share our experience and provide tips so you can speed up your own build. I will also mention which improvements are coming.

I will explain the methods used to identify bottlenecks and which technical solutions we applied (and the ones we dropped). This talk will go through the usage and possibilities brought by Tycho, Target Platforms, Hudson/Jenkins with some of its plugins and a Maven Repository Manager.


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Bayside - Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 11:15 to 11:50



thanks for your +1.

Perhaps I should precise the size of the project in order that everyone can have an idea of the complexity. I didn't mentionned it because I thought that the abstract will be too long.

For information it consists in:

  • 2 versions of the product: one is Free Open Source and another one, based on the first one, is under Subscription.
  • 14 deliverables: for each version we have 6 installers platform-dependent (Linux, Mac and Windows for 32 and 64 bits) and a zipped version platform independent
  • code generation at build time
  • a large scope of Eclipse projects (EMF/GMF, Groovy Eclipse, Datatools, XText, WTP, Birt, JDT, Nebula Gallery, Subversive SVN, WST, EMF Texo)
  • a customized Tomcat embeded
  • more than 4 years old base code
  • JUnit and SWTBot Tests


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This was submitted under Eclipse 4 but it feels like a closer fit under "Lifecycle tools". I am moving it but please comment if you feel strongly on the category.

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Hi John,

After reading again description of both categories, I think you're totally right about the category.
In fact, my goal was to put under Eclipse RCP (Eclipse4) category as in the description of this category we can find "building RCP applications".

Thanks for your comment.

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