Single sourcing for JavaFX, GWT, RAP and SWT with Eclipse 4 and Wazaabi


The targeted audience of this talk are those who work every day on eclipse or those who manage teams working on eclipse. Each year, thousands of graduates enter the labour market. With only a few hours of java taught (mostly theoretically), they are asked to participate in the writing of real world applications. Because of this, companies are struggling to improve teams efficiency.

One of the most significant contributions of E4 is its application model. This live model defines perspectives, windows, menus, key binding, Parts etc... A part is a view inside a windows (E4, unlike Eclipse 3, makes no difference between Views and Editors). E4 application model intentionally stops at assembling Parts. Parts content is displayed using a renderers mechanism. This mechanism is not attached to any specific UI technology.

Wazaabi ( is a framework offering a live rendering of EMF modeled UIs, a declarative databinding and a suite of tools.
Wazaabi naturally extends the concepts of the E4 live Application Model and can be used to describe each of the widgets contained in a E4 Part.

Wazaabi rendering engine is production stable, its suite of tools makes it possible to create complex UI artifacts just by dropping business metamodel classes, attributes or references into the UI model.

During this talk, based on an existing business metamodel, we will build, from scratch, a E4 Contact Manager application where we will show how to

* Create form(s)
* Create and attach actions to buttons, toolbars and menu
* Support common UI patterns like master / details, etc...


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Grand Peninsula G - Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 11:00 to 11:35