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The development of safety and mission critical systems is governed by stringent standards which require evidence of the quality of the developed artifacts across the full development life-cycle. Thus an integrated solution is needed in order to provide the required quality and evidence thereof. The engineering challenge of creating today’s most advanced systems demands more a collaborative, integrated approach and that challenge has been boldly answered!

Ryan, from Boeing, will share how Eclipse technologies including the Open System Engineering Environment (OSEE) ( are applied in production of avionics software following standards such as DO-178C.
Jyothi, from Bosch, will share how Eclipse frameworks are applied in ensuring compliance of automotive software development to ISO 26262 which is a safety standard applicable to functional safety in road vehicles.

The data integration, traceability, collaboration, and product management features that OSEE offers supports a highly collaborative, integrated development approach. Using a user definable workflow and bidirectional traceability across the full development life-cycle, OSEE facilities the creation and management of the engineering artifacts that can also be used as evidence when certifying a product’s integrity. Also the user-defined workflow codifies the applicable development process, so as to assure that each development step is allocated, tracked and produces the expected output.

Bosch and Boeing use Eclipse technologies to create an application lifecycle management system that applies to the complete safety life-cycle. Application of the safety life-cycle involves integrated processes including:

• Requirements traceability
• Impact analysis
• Verification and validation
• Dynamic coverage analysis
• Component dependency matrix reports to help impact analysis,
• Horizontal and vertical traceability reports to help tracing requirements to tests,
• Dynamic coverage analysis to help test adequacy,
• Configurable workflow to help ensure the process steps are followed
• Automatic generation of compliance reports


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Grand Peninsula B - Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 13:30 to 14:05