Pimp your Pi with Eclipse RCP for your Home TV (presented by Genuitec)


An Eclipse RCP UI pushed to a Raspberry Pi gives you an awesome platform for your home theater projects. We’ll walk through how you can create your own “apps” for your Pi leveraging the small open source PiPlug app simply from within Eclipse. Eclipse, PiPlug and your Raspberry Pi are the ideal way for you to tinker with graphical apps for your home TV.

PiPlug is available at:

PiPlug is a small RCP front-end based on JFace / SWT that lets you create little OSGi bundles that add apps to a dynamic front-end. During the talk we’ll show off a few sample ones we’ve developed -- including the addictive old-school Zork games. There is even a nifty Eclipse view that lets you roll out apps across your home’s Pis!

You can grab the PiPlug front-end off of GitHub including a few sample applications to get started.

Yes, we sponsored this talk because -- it’s cool stuff! No product pitches to be found here, just fun tinkering with the Raspberry Pi. And yes, we’ll be giving away a bunch of Pi starter kits at the end of the talk so show up if you want to have some fun in your hotel room later!

Be the first on your block to have a custom app for your family on your home TV -- all coded in your favorite technology, Eclipse.


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Grand Peninsula E - Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 10:30 to 11:05