The New Profiling Tools in the Oracle JDK!


If you’ve installed the latest JDK 7 update, you’ve probably noticed that there is a new item on your start menu. This session discusses the latest addition to Oracle’s HotSpot JDK: Oracle Java Mission Control, a tool suite for low-overhead production-time profiling and diagnostics that originated with the JRockit JVM. Java Mission Control is built upon Eclipse RCP technology and there is an update site from which Mission Control can be installed directly into the Eclipse IDE.

This session:
• Explains what to expect from this first public version of Oracle Java Mission Control on HotSpot
• Shows how to get started with Oracle Java Mission Control and Java Flight Recorder
• Overview of the different tools available in Java Mission Control
• Shows some experimental tooling available as plug-ins for Oracle Java Mission Control


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Grand Peninsula C - Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 15:00 to 15:35