Modernize your Real-World Application with E4 and JavaFX


It all started with a mandate—"Make it look like it wasn't built in 1995!"—and a mockup from a graphic designer. Welland is a full-service software development firm, working with enterprise customers. Export is our flagship project which extracts, transforms, and loads data into a SQL database such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle. While the Export server offers robust functionality which is continually improved, the Export client interface had been neglected for many years.

After several attempts at other combinations of technologies, we finally settled on JavaFX and Eclipse4. Using a combination of CSS, FXML, and custom renderers, we were able to achieve an interface that looks almost identical to the designer's vision while still preserving the devloper's requirements of a modular, decoupled and maintainable system.

  • Why Eclipse4 Application Platform?

    • The E4 Application model

    • Dependency Injection

  • Why JavaFX?

    • e(fx)clipse tooling

    • Designing FXML using SceneBuilder

    • Custom renderers

  • Deployment via Java Web Start and/or JavaFX packaged application

Slides now available on slideshare:


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Grand Peninsula F - Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 15:00 to 15:35


Can you give a bit more context in the abstract on what you were building with Eclipse4 and JavaFX? I realize it is not the core of your talk but it helps establish your credibility as a speaker on these technologies. You don't need to go into a lot of detail but give the attendee a sense of the kind of application you were building.

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Thanks for the feedback. I updated the first paragraph to include some details on Welland and the application covered in this talk.

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Are you using e(fx)clipse renderers and you customized them or did you write your own ones? I'm searching for success stories for e(fx)clipse homepage so love to get in touch with you!

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As I mentioned on twitter, we're using the e(fx)clipse renderers for the most part with a few custom renderers for specific functionality.

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Hey Cole, it was great to meet you. You have a great example of using e4 rcp and JavaFX. Would it be possible to have your slides posted. I'd like to blog about what you've done but don't remember all the details. Thanks!

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Thanks Doug, it was great to meet you as well. I should have the slides up today or tomorrow. I just need to get final approval.

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Hey Cole,
Any idea by when you would be able to post the slides?


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