Modern web application workflow


People often consider that creating a web application is done by creating a bunch of HTML, Javascript and CSS files together in a text editor and uploading them on the web.

Well, things have changed and in this presentation, you will see how the workflow used to deliver web applications has evolved over the past few years!

We will start by seeing how you can use Yeoman and its generators to kickstart your project. Then you will see how Bower let you manage the dependencies of your project. Downloading the JavaScript and CSS frameworks that you are using for you. After that we will have a look at Chrome Devtools in order to debug and edit our application. We will also see how to use remote debugging to inspect a web application running on a phone or a tablet.

Finally we will see how you can set up your whole continuous integration workflow with Grunt. Compilation, static code analysis, unit tests, integration tests, minification, code coverage, you name it.

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Grand Peninsula G - Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 14:15 to 14:50