Migrating from Eclipse 3.X to Eclipse 4.X - The iAware Story


At its core, the iAware team develops a reusable application platform built on top of the Eclipse RCP framework to provide the ability to create targeted healthcare workflow applications. As such when making the decision to upgrade from Eclipse 3.X to Eclipse 4.X we had to balance the cost and risk with the expected gains that the new feature set will bring; especially in our case where the end-user doesn't see the changes but would definitely feel them if things don't work right.

This talk will take a look back on the effort by our development team to migrate our solutions from Eclipse 3 to Eclipse 4 with as little of the compatibility layer as possible and the lessons we learned in doing so.

Specifically, I'll focus on:
- The change to use the E4 model instead of extension points in plugin.xml files
- The ability to have tighter control of the UI with custom renderers
- The use of injection
- Areas of 3.X that we had to work around but now just work in 4.X
- The parts that we still have to uplift and the plan for doing so


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Grand Peninsula C - Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 15:00 to 15:35


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