Making the Eclipse IDE fun again - continued


Many Eclipse IDE users are still happy using Eclipse as their daily Java IDE - and indeed, the Java tooling in Eclipse is great. But don’t you hear people saying things like: Eclipse got too big, too slow, too clunky, too overloaded with features and plugins, doesn't support language X, hard to configure, and similar complaints? I do. I hear people complaining about all sorts of things and I am afraid of Eclipse losing its great reputation as an IDE. As a consequence, I think, we should try to make Eclipse fun again.

This talk started at EclipseCon Europe 2013 and threw in some proposals for making Eclipse fun again, showed some live demos of features we worked on to achieve this, and started a discussion about many of the ideas we’ve been having. This discussion should continue at EclipseCon NA 2014, showing the progress that has been made in the meantime and trigger discussion for further work. The Eclipse IDE should be fun again.


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Grand Peninsula C - Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 17:00 to 18:00


Looking at the slides from EclipseCon Europe I see lots of negative points and afterwards only demos. Unfortunately I could not join the talk at EclipseCon Europe but is the content of the presentation in sync with the title?

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The slides that are available online are somewhat misleading. The intro part for the talk was the "complaining section" that we presented in a somewhat funny and entertaining way, but for 10min only. The majority of the talk was the demo section where we tried to show various implementations of features that make the Eclipse IDE fun again and that people could use right away (therefore the collection of links at the end). So the "complaining part" at the beginning is just the 10-min-intro, not the real content of the talk, so the title is still in sync with the content, I think.

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