Looking for a needle in a haystack? Use Eclipse TMF!


The Tracing and Monitoring Framework (TMF), part of the Eclipse Linux Tools project, was built to easily visualize, analyze and correlate traces from different applications and sources. It is extensible for any trace format and type of analysis that needs to be done on a trace. It provides reusable views and widgets and has support for arbitrarily large traces. The Eclipse LTTng extension of the framework consolidates the trace analysis based the LTTng Kernel and User Space traces. Several new views and analysis have been added to the TMF and LTTng Eclipse extension recently. These features are available as both Eclipse plug-ins and as new standalone RCP version.

First, this talk will show the key features of the Tracing and Monitoring framework.

Then, it will focus on a concrete use case: How this framework was adopted by Kalray, in order to visualize traces from an application running on both x86 and a massively parallel processor array.

Finally, it will cover the latest exciting contributions in this area as well as give an outlook of future enhancements.


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Grand Peninsula F - Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 14:15 to 14:50