A journey of getting HTML to work inside Eclipse


HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript are great technologies to build modern and highly interactive user interfaces. And we use those technologies for browser-based web applications all the time. While working more and more towards cloud-based developer tooling, we thought that it would be great to build certain user interfaces and tools only once and re-use them for cloud-based tooling as well as inside an Eclipse-based IDE. But how to do that? How to run those HTML-based UIs inside Eclipse? Of course SWT has an embedded browser widget and that seems to be the most logical answer to this question. But it turned out this answer was too simple and we had to fight major technical issues to make this work for our broad user base across Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The talk walks through our experiences of running HTML UIs inside the Eclipse IDE, explains issues and workarounds for working with the embedded browser widget and discusses the usage of the embedded WebKit of JavaFX instead. Attendees will get a solid overview of the different options and their pros/cons.


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Grand Peninsula F - Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 11:45 to 12:20